What we do

Our clients are not just happy with our work, they win awards.

Our expertise

We work like an in-house team so we get to know your products and services as intimately as you do. We get just as excited about your innovations and will shout from the rooftops about your achievements but we also bring global insights and nearly two decades of experience and adroitness to the table.


This is why our partners are consistently happy with our work and keep coming back. Oh… and we help them win awards.

Product Development

We have a passion for helping to build incredible consumer tech products that not only provide optimum performance but also promote sustainability. Check out our award-winning collaboration with the Bluetooth-based item finder, Chipolo Ocean.


Working with our partners to develop memorable, iconic and remarkable brands that will stand the test of time. Have a look at the exciting and unforgettable campaign we ran for SINNIS, NIU and SocialBox during the height of the pandemic.


Marketing is an activity that’s practically second nature to us which is why our marketing campaigns consistently deliver exceptional results. We have the capability to consult at a CMO level and execute strategies that will thrill the board. Look at what we did with XGIMI, just one example out of many.


We thrill and delight ourselves with how innovative and creative our PR campaigns are. This is not about patting ourselves on the back, more about how committed we are to ensuring that our clients products or services receive the best type of attention and garner a satisfying ROI. Why not take a peek at the work we did with Knectek Lab’s TOWNEW product.


Gallium Ventures has long had an excellent reputation within the crowdfunding space. At the most senior level of the business we are recognised as leaders in this field and are listed experts for Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Your budding young business is in safe and the most capable hands with us on your side.

Why we’re different

We work with the dedication and commitment of an in-house team, (we just work in another office). We’re nimble in our approach and agile in our response to shifts and changes. We eat hurdles and challenges for breakfast because we’re powered by:


  • Experience – it’s safe to say we’ve seen it all, got the t-shirt and written the eBook.
  • Cultural Intelligence – our team is international and globally networked.
  • Emotional Intelligence  – we don’t shy away from being empathetic to your needs and to those of your target audience. 


Our team has helped:

  • Companies raise valuable funding figures for building a successful business.
  • Guide resellers and distributors to improve sales.
  • Create environmentally friendly product packaging.
  • Launch viral creative campaigns using our award-winning PR and marketing chops.  

Take a look through the sectors we have worked with over the years.

​B2B  //  Consumer technology  //  Femtech & Health  //  Consumer lifestyle  //  Gaming & VR  //  Mobile  //  Smarthome & IoT


We pride ourselves on becoming more than just an agency, but a part of your extended team (we just work in another office!). We work closely with companies in order to make a difference to their business as a whole, whether that’s using PR, marketing, or product development strategies.


Whether it’s launching to mass markets, raising VC funds, or crafting an exit strategy, we’ll be with you every step of the way to make sure everything is aligned and moving in the right direction.


Our experience spans the globe with unique experience in various international markets.


At Gallium, our team has helped companies raise valuable funding figures for building a successful company, guiding resellers and distributors to improved sales, creating environmentally friendly product packaging, and launching viral creative campaigns using our award-winning PR and marketing chops.

At Gallium we are always on the lookout for cool, innovative and exciting projects to partner on. If that sounds like you or your organisation get in touch.

Let’s talk.

Whether you are a thriving consumer tech company or a startup looking for help on Kickstarter, our specialist and diverse team are here for you.