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If you are looking for a solid team to help guide the strategy of your company, and push it into success, then you have come to the right place.


We are an award-winning PR and marketing agency that specialises in product development and branding support all the way through to PR and marketing (and beyond!). Our team is built on some of the best talents globally with expertise and experience from across various industries and walks of life – from hardware development in China to press interest in Silicon Valley.

We’re a boutique PR and marketing agency with global clients and pride ourselves on becoming more than an agency. We are part of your team.

Brand messaging & content

Every company is different and unique and we understand that not one-size-fits-all.

Funding & crowdfunding

With over $62M raised, we are behind many of the successful campaigns you know and are even recommended by the top crowdfunding platforms, including Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and WeFunder.

Content creation

Whether it’s press releases, blog posts, marketing materials, or bylines, our team can help you create content that is engaging and in line with your brand message.

Awards & honors

We win awards.

Gallium Ventures doesn’t just win awards for our creative campaigns and exceptional PR, our clients win awards thanks to our hard work and seasoned team.

UK Agency Award 2019 Winner

Best Apprenticeship Programme


What our clients and press are saying about us!

They know their clients' products inside out...
“Gallium are superb. They know what Wired is looking for in a story, yes, but crucially they also know what we don't want. And unlike so many other agencies, they know their clients' products inside out... probably because they've helped develop them.”
Jeremy White


Never pitch crap
“Working with Gallium Ventures is a breeze. They take the effort to know the journalists they work with, and they never pitch crap.”
Matthew Hughes

The Register

Clear and compelling
“With the last two Kickstarter campaigns, I’ve worked with Heather Delaney at Gallium Ventures. She’s amazing, and hugely helpful making the communication material as clear and compelling as it can be. I advise anyone developing ideas to get as much help as possible with communication.”
Ross Atkin

Crafty Robot

That's wassup.
“Some email chains for PR folks are pretty status quo. Some are annoying. This particular thread I've been involved with today from a member at Gallium Ventures has been absolutely pleasant. The communication didn't feel like a sales job. That's wassup.”
Ant Pruitt Host

Get excited!
“The guys at Gallium get to know your goals so well that you'll have no doubt they'll represent you to key players in the market with the utmost respect and care for your brand. When you get excited about a call with your PR agency, you can trust journalists will feel the same.”
Sam Kendall


Encyclopedic knowledge
“There are very few agencies that can compete with Gallium Venture’s encyclopedic knowledge of the tech industry and boast a contacts book to match. If I need something I know I’ll get it in an instant, plus half a dozen excellent ideas thrown in for free.”
Chris Haslam


Million dollars
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Thousand backers
and counting!

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