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How do you pitch a campaign?

Before you start to think about your plan for pitching a campaign, there are a number of questions you and your media agency need to ask yourselves...

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Why diversifying your social media portfolio is important

You’re probably aware that earlier this week someone at Facebook accidentally tripped over the plug to the social media giant’s servers, rendering three of the biggest social platforms and one of the biggest virtual reality platforms completely unusable. 

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The 5-step guide to creating a killer marketing plan

a marketing plan is to meet whatever objectives it sets out to achieve and ultimately convert customers, if it does this then it can be considered to be successful.

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Welcoming Abby to the Gallium Ventures team

Abby Beckley joined the Gallium Ventures team as a Marketing Account Manager having come from a strategic marketing background, with plenty of communications experience.

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From Bucharest to London - Welcome to the Gallium Ventures team Patricia!

Exciting times as we grow as an organisation, we are therefore delighted to welcome Patricia to the Gallium Ventures family. 

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KFC Hotel - Breaking down the campaign

The fast-food restaurant company has collaborated with to create a pop-up hotel that will be open for just 11 days, with bookings available from 11th August. Rooms will come with a “press for chicken” button so fans will never be too far away from their favourite finger-licking snack.

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“EdTech” is a buzzword that has lost all meaning

The education sector is often called out due to its difficulty to implement change - whether that is because institutions have legacy systems in place, don’t have the time it takes to adopt new technologies, or the affordability aspect. The sector needs to change its image as “stuck in the past”, but thankfully there are tangible steps it can take to get there.

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Why you should be looking at TikTok when marketing your business

TikTok, formerly known as, is already a big deal when it comes to social media marketing. But don’t be fooled, while the platform was previously full of tweens lip syncing and dancing to pop hits, since it’s buy-out by ByteDance it’s become almost a Vine 2.0, but with a little more to get your teeth into.

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Gallium awards: they keep coming!

Three cheers for four amazing award nominations for Gallium Ventures! We are so excited to share that our talented team and crowned clients have been recognised by the PRCA Dare Awards, the PRMoment Awards and The Drum Marketing Awards.

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