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Fintech brand building and the power of reputation

These days, fintech is big business. The global fintech market is expected to reach nearly $310 billion by 2022. While this is still small compared to the traditional global financial services market, there is a massive opportunity for innovative, fast-growth firms - but only if they create a strong brand and positive reputation. 

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The top 5 digital marketing trends for 2022

Love it or hate it, digital marketing is here to stay. It even used the pandemic to come into its own and was arguably the main way a lot of businesses continued to promote themselves and stay afloat throughout the lockdowns. Possibly as the result of this greater level of dependence on it, like all things on the planet, the digital sphere too must evolve to survive. It has to, at the very least, keep pace with the consumers it seeks to serve. This means that digital marketers have to adapt their strategies continuously in order to meet the ever-changing...

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Life in a London communications consultancy during a pandemic

R and Marketing have a reputation for being very social industries when compared to others, and there is a reason for that! The communications industry has long been associated with evening functions, coffee catch ups and exclusive events; however when the pandemic began, everything became quite different. 

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Going into PR as a graduate

Leaving university and not knowing which direction to take with your career is one of the most common feelings shared amongst students. If you’re a recent graduate, don’t feel like you are alone in not knowing what you want to do at this stage.

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How do you pitch a campaign?

Before you start to think about your plan for pitching a campaign, there are a number of questions you and your media agency need to ask yourselves...

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Why diversifying your social media portfolio is important

You’re probably aware that earlier this week someone at Facebook accidentally tripped over the plug to the social media giant’s servers, rendering three of the biggest social platforms and one of the biggest virtual reality platforms completely unusable. 

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The 5-step guide to creating a killer marketing plan

a marketing plan is to meet whatever objectives it sets out to achieve and ultimately convert customers, if it does this then it can be considered to be successful.

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Welcoming Abby to the Gallium Ventures team

Abby Beckley joined the Gallium Ventures team as a Marketing Account Manager having come from a strategic marketing background, with plenty of communications experience.

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From Bucharest to London - Welcome to the Gallium Ventures team Patricia!

Exciting times as we grow as an organisation, we are therefore delighted to welcome Patricia to the Gallium Ventures family. 

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