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May 3, 2022

As a major partner for startup brands looking to launch products to market, we often get a lot of questions about expanding retail reach. So, we’ve brought in one of Gallium's recommended and highly experienced partners — Retailbound — to give their expert take on what new brands should look to do when launching a new product to market. Retaibound’s Yohan Jacob, Retail Management Consultant, takes us through the steps.

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Meta Worms featuring one of the proposed Worms-themed NFTs called Colonel.
April 14, 2022

You’d think Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and gaming would go hand-in-hand as most games nowadays already have in-game stores to purchase virtual items. Yet right now, the relationship between the two has been rocky, to say the least. 

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April 8, 2022

The biggest event on the calendar for the crypto-obsessives, Bitcoin 2022, is back. While crypto is never far from the news these days, it is set-piece events like Bitcoin 2022 where those of us watching the sector can get a real pulse on the trends. 

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March 25, 2022

For us PR and comms professionals, we love nothing more than to chase that all-important coverage. But in the pursuit of achieving greatness for our clients, we often overlook some things that can lead to us not respecting our journalist friends quite as much as we perhaps should do.

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March 8, 2022

It is wonderful to see new and emerging femtech startups, it feels like an exciting time for the space and it is definitely long overdue. Interest in the industry is definitely on the rise as global VC investment crossed the 1 billion mark in 2021.

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February 18, 2022

All it takes is just over two hours by train from St Pancras to get to Paris, and find yourself in a culture that is both very familiar and yet very different.

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woman jumping in the air with a black umbrella against a yellow wall
February 7, 2022

The system of apprenticeship, first recorded in the Middle Ages, is a long-established practice that we are extremely proud to be a part of at Gallium Ventures. The progress of any service, craft or skill stops if you don't look ahead to the future and prepare the next generation to face the challenges that will come. For us, taking on apprentices is always a win for both sides of the arrangement.

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January 28, 2022

Any areas in tech and the recurrence of events that COVID-19 put on pause for the past two years. But what impact have these events had on the industry? Are they worth the effort and time it takes to pull them off? Or does the overhanging shadow of the pandemic mean they leave a bad impression? 

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