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Lattice is a US-based people management platform that empowers leaders to build engaged, high-performing teams. Our marketing team with experience in both the US and UK markets was brought in to assist with Lattice’s growth in the UK market.



We focused on adapting their content and messaging to suit the British market. We put our HR caps on and adapted and drafted multiple lengthy eBooks to suit British language and nuances. It takes a firm understanding of both the US and UK readers to get this right but with our international team, we succeeded in creating targeted nuanced content. 


Our team also crafted multiple articles for the Lattice team which were published on their website and used as resources for their UK customers. Aside from content creation, our designer team helped with other creatives such as rebranding their eBook covers. 


We also offered consulting and advice to the US team on what to expect when moving to the UK and how best to expand their company to new markets.



Lattice published the various articles and eBooks that were created or re-edited by Gallium and were able to start gaining increased awareness. Their brand was recognised at UK industry events and the organisation began to see a rising number of enquiries from further afield on the European continent as well.

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