Welcoming Abby to the Gallium Ventures team

Abby Beckley joined the Gallium Ventures team as a Marketing Account Manager having come from a strategic marketing background, with plenty of communications experience. While working across cultures and product categories, Abby has brought a wealth of digital, content and brand development insights which have proven marketing activities should go hand-in-hand with PR in order for brands to get the most out of their communications activities.

We caught up with Abby to see how things are going and find out a bit more about her…

How was your first month at Gallium Ventures?

It has gone like a whirlwind and I hope it doesn’t sound clichéd but everyone is truly lovely and supportive. On Sunday night I am actually excited for work the next day because we span across such cool campaigns for even cooler clients, while everyone is really committed and it’s always a positive atmosphere. While going for cocktails as a team a couple of weeks ago there was so much laughter it was clear the humour we all shared. 

What’s your favourite season and why?  

I love Autumn. I used to be a summer person – but prefer the cooler climes of Autumn now – the more muted colours, the fashion, piling on layers again, the food – pumpkins and apples and pies!

Cooking, baking or ordering takeaway? 

Hmmm…eating other people’s cooking, especially if they’re great cooks.

Sweet or savoury?

Both? Pancakes with bacon, eggs and maple syrup anyone?

If you could have one superpower, what would it be? 

Super speed 

What campaign from the past year really got you excited?

Reddit’s Up the Vote campaign as it was really intelligent and relevant, especially the way it exposes how much social media has impacted our lives and sense of value.

If you could work on any brand, what would that be?

Disney – because it’s Disney. 

What is an area of marketing you believe is undervalued?  

According to the CIM – “Marketing is the management process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitably.” Too many businesses underestimate and undervalue the actual customer as it’s shareholder requirements that get prioritised. 

What have you enjoyed most about Gallium Ventures?

The pastries? Just joking although they were really good. What I have found is that it’s a really supportive and nurturing environment as learning and gaining more education in the role is highly encouraged. The work we do is work that we want to do so interest and motivation are always at an optimum level. Because of this I would say the company culture along with the team are what I enjoy most about Gallium Ventures as you can’t get one without the other. Because of the team and their passion it means the actual work is enjoyable and the clients. The pastries can follow in this order.

I am really looking forward to building relationships with even more clients, coming up with super-incredible, creative campaigns and continuing to be a part of the award-winning powerhouse that is Gallium Ventures.

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