Gallium Ventures’ best things of 2022

2022 has brought a time of uncertainty with ups and downs for many. However, at Gallium we believe it is important to recognise and shine a light on the good things when possible, so we have put together a list of some of the best creations and/or uses of tech in 2022.  

Best Use Of Crypto

Now we know that crypto can be controversial, but as we move towards an era of financial change, it is important to recognise how this space can be beneficial. A great example of this is people worldwide having the ability to raise funds for Ukraine in a time of extreme need. 

CoinDesk reported that by mid-May, $135 million USD in crypto had been raised to support the country. Where people might have previously found it hard to find a way to send their support quickly, the crypto community changed this outcome and made it possible for everyone to provide donations towards humanitarian aid. Crypto thus has played an unprecedented but vital role in helping Ukraine against Russia’s invasion. 

Best Eco-Friendly Tech 

Many inspiring inventors have created ways to try and tackle climate change, pollution and farming. Vertical farming deserves a strong mention, allowing crops to thrive in a controlled environment, and increasing farming space to be used for growing trees. However, we have chosen to put a spotlight on a project from Hong Kong – ArchiREEF, the creators of 3D printed coral reefs who are fighting to restore our oceans.  

ArchiREEF provides eco-engineering solutions for ocean ecosystem rehabilitation and presenting a way for marine life to thrive. Their team co-designed the world’s first artificial reef structure, 3D-printed in terracotta, with the biomimicry adaptive design for the purpose of coral restoration. ArchiREEF believes that we should not be replacing coral with structures like cement, but rather provide a base for them to regrow and return to health. Through 3D printing they can create better structures, be more diverse and adaptive to suit the environment in which it will be placed. 

Best AI Innovation

AI has transformed innovation in every element, from apps to robotics to healthtech to beauty, making it extraordinarily difficult to choose just one example. We decided to highlight using AI for health, in particular for breast cancer screening, as this provides quick data insights to detect cancer as early as possible, whereby the process would usually take much longer to understand and assess symptoms. 

Google Health recently announced their partnership with iCAD to integrate their AI mammogram for breast cancer screening in real-world clinical practice. It will be the first time Google is licensing the model. iCAD will incorporate Google’s mammography AI technology with their breast imaging tools, in hopes of improving breast cancer detection and assessment. Globally, two million people are diagnosed with breast cancer every year, and early detection could save countless lives. 

Best Toy Creation 

At Gallium we love toys, which is shown via our toy PR experience and having had one of our team recently judge the MOJO Nation, we think we make pretty good judges all round. As adults we might have more fun with this toy than the children in our lives, and we think it tops the charts which is why it’s our top pick. Released in July, Lego’s Loop Coaster is a thrill. 

The rollercoaster is Lego’s first gravity-driven ride, and is made fully immersive as 6 figures out of 11 included have reversible heads to get every angle of their reaction. The ride however is a bit of a monster, at 3,756 pieces, reaching over 92cm, making it Lego’s tallest ever ride! You can also purchase a motor and battery box, to make the ride even more dramatic. 

Best Accessibility Invention 

Making the future more accessible for all is so important and is something we have seen reflected throughout many great inventions this year. An honourable mention goes to the creation of the metaverse, for enabling people to attend concerts and meetings anywhere around the world, from the comfort of their home. 

We have chosen to recognise PriestmanGoode’s Air 4 All which is changing the future of flying for those in wheelchairs. Their aim is to ensure all passengers have equal access to safety and comfort, and are able to enjoy their flying experience whilst feeling dignified throughout. Travel should be possible for everyone and we are so excited to see this become the new norm across airlines in the future. 

Best Development in Transportation

Whilst making transportation more efficient, greener and faster is at the heart of many incredible developments this year, we have of course had to point out the flying car. Chinese company Xpeng Aeroht held its first demonstration of their flying car in Dubai, as reported by Reuters. This successful demo lasted 90 seconds and was witnessed by 150 people. It may seem more like a luxurious helicopter, but the Xpeng X2 is actually the first two-seater electric flying car which produces 0 carbon emissions. Of course, Xpeng is not the only company to delve into flying cars, there are hundreds across the globe all competing to get them on (or above) the streets, so keep your eyes peeled for what is to come next year.  

We hope this made your day a bit brighter. Here’s to hoping 2023 brings even more incredible advancements and innovations that make the world that bit better! What was your favourite invention this year? Tweet us @galliumventures.  

Victoria Essex
Victoria Essex
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