The insider’s guide to conquering IFA Berlin

IFA Berlin is THE major trade show in the European world of technology. Executives in the technology sector, inventors, and tech enthusiasts gather annually at this renowned event to learn about the latest advances in consumer electronics and home appliances, network with like-minded peers, and help define the future direction of technology. As IFA approaches (September 1st–5th), celebrating their 99th year, we thought it would be useful to examine how and what you can do to make the most of IFA and benefit from the event. 

No stand? No worries

Even if you don’t have a stand at IFA, there will be lots of exciting opportunities for you! IFA has so much to offer all guests, from interacting with other tech specialists, attending workshops to exploring the show to see what is popular and generating buzz.

Events like IFA are important, so knowing how to schedule and plan your time there is even more crucial to get the most out of it. As a PR and communications consultancy that works with technology clients, we understand how important it is to attend IFA and make it a prosperous endeavour. Here’s our guide for how to have a successful time at IFA even if you don’t have a stand.

Focus on building reseller and distributor relationships

Building ties with resellers and distributors at IFA is like cultivating a network of allies. Make a list of potential partners first. Then, show them your products, success stories, and future product lineout. Set up face-to-face meetings to go over specifics, and make sure you can fully communicate your production timelines and required numbers. Remember, it’s not just about business; bonding over dinner or a drink adds a friendly touch to the deal.

Think about partnership marketing

IFA is an excellent venue for securing partnership marketing. First, select possible partners and conduct research on their needs and objectives. Then, prepare your pitch: How can a partnership benefit both parties? Set up meetings before the event, but keep it short and sweet. At IFA, charm them with your brand, products, and how you can add value, while emphasising how you’ll promote each other. Remember to highlight what’s in it for them. Following the event, send a thank-you and a clear plan of how you’ll work together going forward. 

Meet with journalists

Journalists at IFA can help you get your product and brand in front of the right people. IFA is the perfect excuse to reach out to journalists for a quick meet up. It’s a great way to drop off units to review, schedule quick demos or set up a chat so they get to know you, your product and your brand better. Don’t forget to attend prepared; ensure you have a press kit, which should include high-resolution pictures, interesting descriptions, and crucial details about your goods. Don’t forget to follow up after the event, offering further information and responding to any questions..

Attend Showstoppers

It’s a media event where brands showcase their coolest gadgets to journalists and influencers. Participating in an event such as Showstoppers can be a game-changer because it helps companies get attention from the press in a focused setting. It’s a chance to demo products, share stories, and make connections that lead to media coverage and buzz.

The way you approach these four elements depends on your goal for the event. Do you have any new products? If so, why not consider Showstoppers to gain attention in a press-focused environment. Don’t have any news to share? Instead, focus on meeting resellers, distributors, and journalists to create relationships and obtain valuable facetime. Need to expand your network? Meeting with journalists can provide an opportunity to hand over review units in person. Resellers and distributors, on the other hand, may allow you to shift existing stock.

What’re you waiting for?!

There is still time to have an impact at IFA! You can still book those meetings with journalists and distributors, meet them in the Sommergarten if you don’t have a booth, and get those crucial in-person connections. At Gallium Ventures, we’re tech trade show experts. Having worked with lots of brands to make the most of their time at IFA, regardless of whether they have a booth or not, we are aware that these events can be stressful so hopefully this guide will take some of the pain away.

If you’re off to IFA and want to chat further about how we might be able to help you make the most of your time there, get in touch here.

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