Apprenticeships – an investment in your industry’s future

The system of apprenticeship, first recorded in the Middle Ages, is a long-established practice that we are extremely proud to be a part of at Gallium Ventures. The progress of any service, craft or skill stops if you don’t look ahead to the future and prepare the next generation to face the challenges that will come. For us, taking on apprentices is always a win for both sides of the arrangement. We learn as much from them as they do on the job. Nothing is more rewarding than watching your apprentice blossom, grow in confidence and develop their professional skills. It is always exciting to see them taking great strides in the world and becoming a part of helping to build a better future in your chosen industry. 

That said, taking on an apprentice is not always easy. Supporting them through the job requires sacrifice in terms of time, energy and attention. If you are looking to create a scheme that is of value to you, your apprentice and the organisation then it is worth ensuring that you have a well-structured apprenticeship programme in place. 

Sample structure

The first step is onboarding. This needs to be done in exactly the same way as you would onboard a new employee – taking the time to show them the processes and procedures used in the company.

It helps if you have already apportioned the type of work or projects you would like them to focus on as well as a plan for progress so that they can feel that they are developing in the role. 

The next step would be to implement regular catch-up sessions, ideally on a weekly basis. This offers a great opportunity to check in with them, make sure they’re on track and ensure they aren’t experiencing any issues that might be impacting their work. 

All of these steps will help to make your apprenticeship programme run as smoothly as possible.

At Gallium, we have been long-standing participants in the apprenticeship programme run by the PRCA. Our latest recruit, Morgane Sabatini, joined us recently and we decided to sit with her and get her insights on apprenticeships.

What is your background?

I am a French national with a German mother and an Italian father who decided to come study in the UK at 17 years old. I completed my Bachelor’s degree at the University of Essex in Sociology and Criminology with Applied Quantitative Methods and then completed a Masters degree at LSE in Gender, Development and Globalisation. Towards the end of my Master’s degree, I grew a strong interest in communications and started looking into PR. 

Why did you decide to go for an apprenticeship?

As someone who only had some experience in communications through volunteering roles, I thought an apprenticeship would be the perfect opportunity for me to both learn more about PR and get real work experience in a company and get remunerated. 

What do you hope to gain from the experience?

By the end of my apprenticeship, I would like to be confident and experienced enough in PR to start dealing with clients myself and have a much deeper understanding of the industry.

Why did you choose/apply to Gallium Ventures?

As a tech fan, and with the way the world is evolving with technology in general nowadays, I was looking for an apprenticeship in tech PR; but with my background in Gender studies and my interest in sustainability, I was also looking for an agency that would mirror my values. After some research on the agency and their previous/current clients, I found Gallium Ventures to be the perfect match for me. 

What value do you think apprenticeships have for people? 

I think apprenticeships are a great way to learn new skills as you both get to learn in theory and practice. As an apprentice, you get to have real-world experience and a better understanding of the industry you are working in.  Apprenticeships are also a wonderful opportunity for someone who is looking to change sectors or career paths in general. 

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