Meet our newest recruit: Amandeep

A new month, a new announcement! As we near ever closer to the holiday season, we are excited to reveal the latest member of the Gallium gang who has officially started and we can’t wait for you to meet her!

Amandeep joins our team having a wealth of experience working with large and small brands and building their PR profile. When she’s not busy landing top-tier coverage in the Financial Times for her clients, you can find Amandeep grabbing a cheeky latte at the latest and greatest coffee shop, binge-watching the latest season of “Below Deck”, or just dancing it out in front of her mirror. 

We’re thrilled to welcome Amandeep to our growing Gallium Ventures family! Get to know a bit more about our latest recruit below: 

  1. If your life had a theme song, what would it be? Truth Hurts by Lizzo.
  2. Cooking, baking or ordering takeaway? Cooking.
  3. Sweet or savoury? Savoury.
  4. If you could have one superpower, what would it be? Telepathy with animals. I’m so afraid of birds so it would be nice to ask them to not fly at my face. 
  5. Hardware or software? Software.
  6. If you could work on any brand, what would that be? DAME.
  7. Highlight thus far in your career? Having a student come to me and say the work experience I secured for her changed her career path (a PR one would be securing FT coverage in a feature around the future of marketing). 
  8. What are you most excited about as you join Gallium Ventures? Learning about the different ways we can help brands get their message to their target audience, and working more closely with a smaller group of people. 

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Amandeep getting her dig on!
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