Gallium Ventures celebrates National Apprenticeship Week

We’ve all at some point seen the hit TV show The Apprentice, which takes a look (albeit a slightly over the top look) at what is required to become an apprentice in a well-known business. It shows us how diverse teams can often lead to creativity as well as better insight into the areas in which a team works.

At Gallium Ventures, we believe apprenticeships are incredibly important and shouldn’t be overlooked as part of the hiring process as they provide an incredibly valuable experience for both companies and talent alike. The UK Government recognises this too, as we are currently in the thirteenth annual National Apprenticeship Week which will take place from February 3rd through to February 7th. This week-long celebration of apprenticeships recognizes and applauds apprenticeship success stories, and we agree that apprenticeships should be celebrated as they’re a brilliant way to bring new talent into an industry.

While apprenticeships offer great benefits, such as real-world hand-on experience and government-funded placements (meaning no student debt. Huzzah!), employers can also take this opportunity to look outside of the employment box.

As well as university graduates, businesses can also discover people from all aspects of life who each have a passion and can bring different views to the business, including that ever elusive wide range of creativity to the table.

We at Gallium Ventures like to lead by example and have an apprentice ourselves, the wonderful Celia Forbes, who has taken a dive into the world of PR, marketing, and creative campaigns.

“Since day one I have been pushed out of my comfort zone 24/7 – it’s made my palms sweaty but I have LOVED IT. Despite the nerves, it’s meant my confidence has grown alongside my achievements,” said Celia. “The combination of learning through practical and theoretical knowledge is invaluable. I ask my colleagues millions of questions daily and their immense experience helps me learn faster because I’m not reliant on deciphering a textbook.

“I learn something interesting, wacky and new about my colleagues every day. Actually, scrap that, it’s like every hour. I feel like I’ve known them for years which really helps as work can be stressful and everyone can need help in both professional and personal things so the friendly and fun environment cannot be underrated.”

Apprenticeships are an important way for people to learn new skills and move into an industry they are enthusiastic about and want to make a difference.

And who wouldn’t want a member of the team like this?

Aaron Richardson
Aaron Richardson
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