CES 2020: Looking ahead at a new decade of tech

CES 2020 is here and we’re all set to bathe in neon lights, the joyous sound of slot machines, and of course the seemingly endless maze of consumer technology. But what can we expect from the first CES of a new decade?

One of the first major stand out keynotes at the event is from NBC Universal titled “If TV Was Invented Today: NBCUniversal Reimagines the Future of Entertainment”. With TV streaming services becoming almost as big as cable, it comes as no surprise that a major player in the entertainment industry is taking center stage to discuss the future of television and how technology will play a big part in that. Plus Terry Crews and Mandy Moore are part of the keynote too, so that’s a bonus.

Interestingly, Apple is also making an appearance at the event for the first time in decades, but don’t expect any big tech announcements. It seems their focus is solely on digital privacy with Jane Horvath, Apple’s Senior Director of Global Privacy attending a roundtable during the event alongside executives from Facebook, the USA’s FTC regulator, and Procter & Gamble. While Apple hasn’t announced anything at CES since the nineties, they have always had a presence in some way or another.

Delta Airlines is another newcomer to the CES Keynote schedule with Ed Bastian, CEO of Delta Airlines taking the stage to demonstrate how travel has become an essential part of our lives, and how technology and innovation are set to transform the experience to its millions of customers in the future.

As well as keynotes, the show floor features over 4,500 exhibitors from all over the world spanning a whopping 2.9 million net square feet across the city of Las Vegas – so if you’re on your way, make sure you’re wearing comfortable shoes! These exhibitors will each be showcasing their products of the future (and even launching products at the event) across most industries, from smart home and appliances, television, audio, automotive, virtual reality, gaming, and much more.

At the show so far, Samsung unveiled the Ballie, a strange ball-like robot with a camera which follows it owner and records “those special moments”, LG is showing off a range of OLED TV’s one of which is completely bezel-free, and there’ll also be some real hidden gems such as our wonderful clients Chipolo – launching the Chipolo One which helps you keep track of those items which keep going on walkabout, and TOWNEW – the world’s first smart trash can which handles the icky parts of throwing away leftovers and other trash.

CES 2020 is set to be a big one, and we at Gallium are excited to see what the distant, and not so distant future will bring (plus we really want a Ballie for the office). Oh, and while you’re there if you fancy a break from robotic assistants, $12 coffee, and confusing blockchain why not give Gallium Bingo a whirl!

Aaron Richardson
Aaron Richardson
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