Chipolo launches new products that work exclusively with Google’s Find My Device network on Android

Chipolo Collaborates with Google to Help Android Users Find Their Lost Items

10 May 2023, (San Francisco): Chipolo, the award-winning company known globally as item finder pioneers, has today announced the launch of the Chipolo ONE Point key finder and the Chipolo CARD Point wallet finder, which will work exclusively with Google’s Find My Device network, allowing you to locate your lost belongings.

Compatible with Google’s Find My Device network enhancements and unknown tracker alerts on Android, the Chipolo ONE Point and the Chipolo CARD Point come in a new shade, called Off White. Both will be supported by Android devices running Android 9 and up with Google Play Services installed, while features include: 

  • Find Items: You can check the location of your items and see the distance in Google’s Find My Device app. The location is updated by Google’s Find My Device network. 
  • Fast Pair: The adding of Chipolo to the Find My Device app is seamless. Simply press the button on Chipolo and a pop-up on your Android phone will guide you through the process.
  • Play Sound: With a 120dB (Chipolo ONE Point) and 105dB (Chipolo CARD Point) ring and 200ft / 60m range, you can easily locate your Chipolo finder by playing a sound if it is nearby.
  • Long Battery Life: The ONE Point has a 1-year battery life and replaceable battery, while CARD Point has an impressive 2-year battery life and renewal program available.
  • Water Resistant: Your Chipolo will be safe even through rain and storm.

“We are proud to be collaborating with Google and to be part of their Find My Device network. We believe this brings the finding experience to a whole new level, as it gives Android users the reassurance to locate their belongings with the help of Google’s global Find My Device Network and additional privacy and security that unknown tracker alerts provide. Android users can now place Chipolo tags on their belongings to keep better track of what matters – whether that be keys, wallets, or suitcases,” said Primož Zelenšek, CEO and co-founder of Chipolo. “Chipolo has sold more than 3.5 million finders globally, helping people find their misplaced belongings and reminding them when they leave them behind. With the launch of the Chipolo ONE Point and the Chipolo CARD Point, we look forward to bringing peace of mind to even more lives. It’s a step closer to a world where people can find their belongings easily and quickly. It might seem a minor thing, but for us it’s important that people are able to do whatever they love doing with joy and without worrying about their belongings.”  

The new Chipolo ONE Point and the Chipolo CARD Point are available for pre-orders on the Chipolo website here with orders shipped out by the second half of July 2023.  


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