The Multiplier: Mayku’s next phase in the Un-Industrial Revolution

Putting industrial pressure forming on the desktop for the first time

8 September 2021, London – Mayku, the desktop factory company, is launching their latest machine by introducing the Mayku Multiplier. As the world’s first desktop pressure former for product creation, the Multiplier is designed to help both businesses and creatives realise their full potential. Aimed at the professional market, the Multiplier gives all makers greater speed, control, and accuracy, enabling rapid batch production of injection mold quality parts in minutes.

These days product manufacturing is too expensive and complicated for the vast majority of people. With this in mind, Mayku is aiming to change the way we think about the experience and output of making by building machines anyone can use at home or in the office. The Multiplier molds complex, detailed shapes by applying pressure equivalent to that of four elephants (four tonnes of force) to a single material sheet. This formed sheet can then be used as a mold to cast replicas of the original template out of pourable materials like resin, concrete, or even chocolate. Forms made by the Multiplier can also be used as end-use parts for applications like product casings, medical trays, or wearables.

The Multiplier has been designed in collaboration with Teenage Engineering to bring pressure forming to the studio for the first time, and at an affordable price. An industrial version would cost over £150,000 ($206,660) and require large amounts of space. However, the Multiplier has been conveniently designed to fit onto your desktop and is available from £3,499 ($4,999). It also saves creators time and money by reducing their reliance on outsourcing. Working with a factory incurs high set up costs and most won’t accept orders below a certain size. Lead times for outsourced molds can be four or more weeks, but the Multiplier creates molds in four minutes. It truly is a game changer for independent manufacturers.

Alex Smilansky, Co-Founder & CEO of Mayku explains, “We have spent the past three years listening to our global community. We heard that creators want to control their production end-to-end, without relying on factories or having to make large minimum order quantities. With the Multiplier, we set out to create a machine that puts the power back into the hands of makers, from chocolatiers launching new products; to craftspeople and artisans creating new soaps, candles or jewellery; to industrial design engineers prototyping short runs of parts before going to mass production. The desktop manufacturing movement has seen millions of makers seizing control of the means of production. We are seeing the start of the Un-Industrial Revolution and it’s very, very exciting.”

Ben Redford, Co-Founder & CPO said, “The Multiplier is capable of replicating 3D prints and other shapes rapidly, bringing manufacturing in-house. With its absolute precision, the Multiplier rivals silicone or injection molding by being able to produce forms which capture lines and grooves up to 0.0004mm thick, picking up the thickness of ink on paper. Having access to factory level products, on the desktop, opens up a world of possibilities for end users as they can start to scale their business at low-cost with better quality materials.”

The Multiplier will be available for general preorder from October through the Mayku website, with a limited number available at an early bird offer of $1,999/£1,449. Customers can sign up to the waitlist on the website to be notified when they are available.

SpecsInjection mold quality – ability to pick up lines and grooves 3 microns thick
400mm forming bed
1200W heaters
Wifi capability for future firmware updates to the machine 
Internal compressor 
High pressure rated stainless steel air tanks
Materials between 0.25 and 8mm thick
Super flexible materials for easy demolding
Super thick materials for high quality end use parts
0.003mm (3 micron) resolution
SizeDimensions: 685 x 600 x 600 mm
Available accessoriesPressure gun to help users pop out molds
Reducing plate to create rectangular molds, ideal for chocolatiers and chefs
Materials availableFlex Sheets – silicone-like molding sheets
Resin Sheets – suitable for use with all types of resin
Clear all purpose casting sheets
White draft sheets for making quick mockups
White all purpose forming sheets
CompatibilityWi-Fi capability


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