Grifin launches Adaptive Investing™ to fulfill the promise of “democratizing” investments

Grifin’s new approach to investing makes investing part of daily life, lifting the psychological barriers to beginning investing.

Florida, USA — February 22, 2024 — Grifin, the app that helps people cultivate positive personal finance habits, has launched its unique investing technology solution, Adaptive Investing™, for American retail investors. The first of its kind, Grifin’s technology-driven investing model lowers barriers to entry by working alongside each individual’s lifestyle in order to simplify investing, improve financial literacy, and better ensure good financial habits. 

Adaptive Investing™ works by enabling people to automatically invest $1 in the places they shop with every purchase, thereby turning shoppers into investors, and spending choices into investment decisions. As a result, buying coffee from a publicly listed coffee chain also becomes a $1 investment in that company. This means every portfolio is unique to the individual and no two investment accounts are ever the same.

With investors given the opportunity to determine their risk appetites, which companies they invest in, and spending limits, Adaptive Investing™ helps people build their investments in a way that is in line with personal and financial needs, while also learning about investing through action and their own conscious spending decisions.

The app was built around the investment strategy devised and trademarked by Grifin founders, Aaron Froug and Bo Starr, of “Stock Where You Shop”, and speaks to the core function of the app: enabling people to invest where they shop. By developing an investment solution that works around the existing lifestyle and spending decisions of each individual using the app, it instills confidence in people who often find investing a daunting, overwhelming and intimidating prospect. Adaptive Investing™ bridges the psychological gap that stops people from taking the first step to beginning investing. 

It also helps to overcome the initial anxieties many face before beginning to invest, such as not having enough money, a lack of understanding of where to begin, or a feeling they aren’t suited to it. Instead, it shows people how their existing decisions on where they already shop are enough to get them started and can be used as a basis for healthy financial habits. 

“For too long, the financial ecosystem has prioritized profit over people – and this needs an honest change.” said Aaron Froug, CEO of Grifin. “Adaptive Investing™ will turn this on its head, and adapt the investment industry to fit into people’s lives, wherever they might be on their financial journey. Simply put, it’s all about normalizing investing by connecting it with things people already understand, and letting people learn by doing in a way that suits them, and reflects their unique lifestyles. For the first time, investors won’t be a handful of strictly defined categories, but individual people with their own lives and needs, and here’s a model that will not just work around that, but celebrate it.”

The launch comes as a continuation of Grifin’s existing commitment to making the finance industry work around the individual, rather than the current model. It is also the only solution of its kind that adapts alongside the person as they enter different stages of life and their spending habits and priorities evolve. This marks a distinct difference from the current offering at other major investment platforms, where users are split into a handful of pre-made, categorized investor types and risk appetites.


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