GoodCloud launches the first cloud storage platform for charities, social enterprises, and SMEs

GoodCloud provides charities, social enterprises, and SMEs with an innovative cloud storage service that makes managing and sharing documents easy, affordable, and accessible. 

London, 16th March, 2021 – Today, cloud storage service GoodCloud announced the launch of its platform aimed at helping charities, social enterprises, and SMEs thrive. GoodCloud is set on becoming the go-to storage brand for this focused audience to upgrade and store files securely.

In the UK, 168,000 charities, 471,000 social enterprises, and 5.9 million SMEs are in urgent need of income, while their internal processes hinder their impact. This is due to outdated IT solutions, a heavy reliance on untrained volunteers or staff for file management, and due to simply being too small for their own expensive facilities. They rely heavily on marketing content, as well as documentation, imagery, videos, and audio files to generate income or donations. But the storage and sharing options currently available for these sectors are not providing them with the affordability and innovation they need. 

GoodCloud provides an alternative to these ineffective solutions through its easy-to-use service which allows users to manage and share essential marketing and business-related assets. After working together for 20 years within the sector and experiencing the struggles first-hand, GoodCloud founders Jason Ellis and Russell Marriott saw the opportunity to make a serious impact. 

“We wanted to create something that was easy to use, gave value for money, and basic but highly nimble. Our aim is to provide the charity and small business sectors with a scalable solution to their problem, something that just doesn’t exist at the moment,” says Russell Marriott, GoodCloud Co-Founder and CEO. 

With subscriptions starting at £19 per month for 250GB of storage with the first month free – and the first service that provides access to unlimited users – GoodCloud is significantly less expensive than its competitors such as Dropbox and Thirdlight. It also has a Free for Life level available which is perfect for individuals who need a way to share content.

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