Femtech giant Flo Health appoints Gallium Ventures as PR agency of record in the UK

15 February 2022, London: Flo Health, the creator of Flo—the essential female health partner and the most downloaded health app in AppStore in 2021[1]—has chosen award-winning communications consultancy Gallium Ventures as their public relations agency of record in the UK.

Gallium Ventures will undertake full service communications activities for the femtech market leader, including creative campaigns development and press office support. Gallium will work closely with the marketing and leadership team at Flo, acting as the company’s in-house PR team to further develop the brand in the UK and enforce its sharp growth trajectory.

Flo helps women connect to the powerful signals of their cycle and their bodies, through accurate cycle and symptom predictions, personalised insights, actionable guidance and supportive community. Flo champion a people-centric and proactive approach to female health, supporting women on each stage of their reproductive life: from start of menstruation and cycle tracking, to pregnancy and perimenopause.

Over one billion menstrual cycles have already been tracked within the app, and 70% of users say they have become more informed about their body since they started using Flo. To date, 30 million women have gotten pregnant while using Flo. With over 220 million of Flo users, globally one in ten women aged 15 to 49 manage their cycle using the app.

“While we in the tech space are used to working with companies promising to ‘change the world’, Flo is one of those companies that can truly say that”, said Heather Delaney, Founder and Managing Director of Gallium Ventures. “For women across the world, tracking the basic functions of our bodies—and understanding the various symptoms or combating the frequent misinformation we encounter—is something that has been left unaddressed for far too long. Working with Flo is an exciting opportunity to help others understand their bodies more and interpret those findings into something actionable. We look forward to designing and implementing PR programmes and campaigns that have a major impact on the brand’s future and the women that use Flo.”

As the UK Government has launched its ‘Vision for the Women’s Health Strategy for England’—highlighting a large gender health gap between women and men—Flo’s appointment of Gallium Ventures comes at a turning point for femtech. In September 2021, the firm announced a significant $50 million series B funding round led by VNV Global and Target Global, bringing the total raised to date at $65 million, and giving the startup a valuation of $800 million. The funding round is being used to further enhance the platform’s offering for its global community, with the company making further investments into R&D and increasing talent at the business.

“As female health has been significantly overlooked and undervalued for far too long, Flo’s mission is to build a better future for female health, by helping women harness the power of their body signals. With over 220 million users across the globe—of which 7.5 million in the United Kingdom—Flo aims to strengthen the position of a market leader, further scaling our brand awareness in line with our mission and our goals”, said Kate Romanovskaia, Chief Brand & Communications Officer at Flo Health. “For us, Gallium Ventures is the perfect agency to help us achieve this, as they have both the industry knowledge and dedication to women’s health. We greatly look forward to deepening our already strong partnership and building towards a great future together.”

Flo Health have previously collaborated with Gallium Ventures on a project basis, including communications around Flo’s latest funding round and for the launch of the company’s Pregnancy Loss Policy for employees.

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[1] According to SensorTower

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