Ekta to launch Portal for passive crypto income with pre-sale offer

Blockchain ecosystem Ekta launches crypto hardware to enable users to earn crypto around the clock with a whitelist offering for early adopters

Bali, Indonesia — 19 July 2022 — Ekta, the blockchain company that connects the physical world with Web3, is to launch its first hardware product — the Ekta Portal. A pre-sale period for users to purchase the Portal and Ekta Portal NFTs that unlock rewards to enable passive income is now underway.

The public pre-sale is available via, and runs from 3pm UTC on 21 July until the Portal NFTs are minted on 15 August. Those participating in the public pre-sale will be able to purchase Ekta Portal NFTs at a discounted price of $600 if they whitelist by 8am UTC, 21 July. Both the Ekta Portal and Ekta Portal NFTs will also enable participants to receive whitelist access to all future Ekta NFTs and initial pre-sale offerings. 

The Ekta Portal is a device that operates as a gateway into the world of Web3. It is an endpoint node — an interface where users interact with the blockchain — that then rewards those using it with passive income. People operating the device will be able to earn $EKTA around the clock.  

Users unlock the ability to receive crypto rewards by purchasing and connecting an Ekta Portal NFT to the device via their digital wallet on a browser. Unlike many existing NFTs, Ekta Portal NFTs offer true functional value by giving users the opportunity to earn passive income in the form of $EKTA tokens every day. Due to a robust, project-focused timeline, the rewarded $EKTA tokens have a roadmap to increase in value over time. By holding an Ekta Portal NFT, users will have automatic whitelist access to the entire Ekta roadmap.

The Ekta Portal’s intuitive design simplifies Web3 adoption for both crypto-savvy and crypto-curious individuals alike. The device is a small, user-friendly mini computer that allows users to easily plug in, and start earning — thus requiring minimal technical knowledge to install and operate. 

All Ekta Portals serve as remote procedure call (RPC) endpoints. This ensures improved privacy, censorship resistance, uptime, and decentralization. Ekta Portals also provide an airdrop incentive in $EKTA for their service. More functions will be added to Ekta Portals over time that can unlock different reward models.

“Ekta believes that all people, from all walks of life, can break free from the restraints modern socio-economic structures have placed on them.” said Ekta CEO, Berwin Tanco. “The Ekta Portal is designed to take advantage of the DeFi ecosystem along with creating tangible return on investment for crypto participants — from passive income through to creating functional value from NFTs. The Ekta Portal will unlock novel financial opportunities that can improve not just financial circumstances, but lives.” 

Both the device and the NFT that unlocks passive income value will be on sale for $650, and can be shipped straight to the door. Ekta Portal NFTs are available for purchase via The Ekta Portal will also enable participants to receive whitelist access to all future Ekta NFTs and initial presale offerings. 

Ekta is a blockchain ecosystem that is simplifying blockchain participation and unlocking real-world financial opportunities. Alongside the Ekta Portal, the organization also has a number of ambitious projects lined up as it targets major growth and global impact. 

These include Ekta Island and MetaTrees, both scheduled to be live in 2022. Ekta Island NFTs are tied to the development of a blockchain-powered island near Bali. MetaTrees is a metaverse game where players earn in crypto while also enabling reforestation in the real world through the project’s partnerships with verified carbon unit (VCU) organizations. Ownership of an Ekta Portal will automatically whitelist the user for these offerings. 


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