Mozart reimagined by Chilly Gonzales, Sofiane Pamart and a new generation of pianists for Deezer’s Mozart Recomposed

Deezer celebrates 15th anniversary by opening new headquarters in the heart of Paris with a celebration for artists and fans

London, UK—29 March 2022—World famous pianists like Chilly Gonzales, Sofiane Pamart and Chloe Flower are celebrating one of history’s most famous composers with new interpretations of Mozart’s masterpieces. Twelve performers have put their own twist on classical pieces for Deezer’s “Mozart Recomposed”. The new album is available exclusively on global streaming service, Deezer, as part of its “Originals” series. 

Each pianist has made one of Mozart’s original compositions into their own. Sofiane Pamart, one of Deezer’s top streamed artists of 2021, offers a stunning performance of Mozart’s instantly recognisable “Requiem in D Minor” — a minimalist re-working that accentuates the majesty of Mozart’s unfinished masterpiece. Pianist, composer and producer Chloe Flower, who garnered international acclaim following her 2019 performance with Cardi B at the GRAMMYs, reimagined Mozart’s “Forever Be (Solemn Vespers).” For her re-composition, Chloe added her own ‘popsical’ style to give the melody a romantic, lyrical feel. 

Chloe Flower explains, “The art of recomposing is truly one of my most favorite creative outlets because for me, it reflects the deepest appreciation for the original masterpiece. Identifying the ways in which to incorporate my personality and sound into Mozart’s masterful choral work was scary, as there is always that lingering fear of ‘tampering’ with his work. But what I have found through this incredibly creative process is a way to playfully open avenues of ‘everyday’ listening to new audiences.”

“Mozart Recomposed” includes the 12 original Mozart compositions alongside the 12 new piano tracks, to help fans hear exactly how each artist gave it their own spin. The stars of “Mozart Recomposed” are:

  1. Sofiane Pamart – REQUIEM (Lacrimosa from Requiem in D)
  2. Olga Scheps – Aria Variation (The Magic Flute)
  3. Chilly Gonzales – Menuetto Gonzissimo (Symphony No. 25)
  4. Chloe Flower – Forever Be (Solemn Vespers)
  5. Alban Claudin – Angelic Waves (Piano Concerto No. 21)
  6. Belle Chen – Evening Garden (Don Giovanni)
  7. Dirk Maassen – Mozart Adagio Variation (Piano Concerto No. 23)
  8. Marina Baranova – Homeland (Piano Concerto No. 27) 
  9. Guillaume Ferran – Dies Irae (Requiem) 
  10. Olivia Belli – Threnody (Piano Sonata No. 16) 
  11. André Mehmari – Tu Que Sabes (Le nozze di Figaro)
  12. Valentina Lisitsa – Minor Fantasy (Fantasy in D Minor)  

This new Originals album follows “Beethoven Recomposed” — a collection of 12 original recompositions from around the world, launched to celebrate the composer’s 250th birthday in March 2021.  

Brazilian classical artist, Andre Mehmari, has also recorded a video of his performance of “Tu Que Sabes (Le nozze di Figaro)” for Deezer, which is available on Deezer’s YouTube channel.

Nigel Harding, VP of Artist Relations at Deezer, said, “From the late 18th century to today, the most brilliant composers have stood the test of time and continue to inspire us. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is perhaps the most recognisable composer, who’s music has had a tremendous impact on our culture over centuries of performances and interpretations. Our latest Deezer Original aims to build on that tradition — giving audiences fresh perspectives from the very best of today’s classical pianists. We hope this collaboration opens the way for new listeners to enjoy the music of Mozart, and for longtime fans to appreciate his genius in a new light.”

“Mozart Recomposed‘‘ features 12 new and original masterpieces and is available exclusively on Deezer. The album can be streamed in HiFi quality for users with a Deezer Premium or Deezer Family subscription. 

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