Cooksy’s crowdfunding campaign for first smart kitchen cooktop assistant has closed

The food will soon be served as Cooksy’s successful campaign comes to a close

11 June 2021, Arizona, United States: Cooksy, the intelligent cooking assistant, has successfully closed its over-funded Indiegogo campaign having raised over 130% of its initial goal. Customers can soon begin pre-ordering Cooksy at in July, with units available in Midnight Black, Prisma Silver, and Signature Copper.

This follows an exciting launch which resulted in Cooksy achieving its funding goal swiftly. It has received fantastic support from a community of backers who understand that Cooksy’s ultimate at-home sous chef will empower cooks and revolutionize the kitchen.

Cooksy has been designed with everyone in mind; the new at-home cook, the experienced foodie, and the budding chef can all now benefit from better cooking through AI-enabled technology. This means its usability can be adapted to suit different cooking needs and preferences thanks to a library of personalized in-app recipes, and step-by-step video instructions.

The device mounts above your cooktop and uses visual sensors and thermal imaging to detect cooking heat and temperature. Cooksy is unique as it analyzes thousands of readings per second across your entire pan surface, and can tell you before you burn your onions, or when to turn your asparagus so they are just right. It uses sensor data-driven guidance to support both new and experienced cooks with honing their skills and expertise.

Jeff Knighton, Founder and President at Cooksy said, “We are so grateful to our community for getting us to our goal, and beyond. The funds generated through the campaign will help move us even further in the next stages of our production so we can get Cooksy, your new best friend in the kitchen, in your hands. We are excited for the Cooksy community to continue to grow as the product is soon available to pre-order through our website.”

Set to ship later this year, the Cooksy device will be available for $649 while the Cooksy PRO will be priced at $799. Cooksy will be available to pre-order on starting in July.

●      5 megapixel visual camera
●      Thermal Imaging Sensor – 32 x 24 array
●      On-device storage – 8 GB (approx 15 hrs of video/thermal storage)
●      Choice of color: Midnight Black and Prisma Silver

Cooksy PRO: Best for Recipe Creators – higher thermal and visual resolution & more storage
●      13-megapixel visual camera
●      Thermal Imaging Sensor – 80 x 62 array
●      On-device storage – 32 GB (approx 60 hrs of video/thermal storage)
●      Choice of color: Midnight Black and Prisma Silver

Cooksy PRO SE Signature: Special Edition Color
●      13-megapixel camera
●      Thermal Imaging Sensor – 80 x 62 array
●      On-device storage – 32 GB (approx 60 hrs of video/thermal storage)
●      Choice of color: Signature Copper
ConnectivityBluetooth, 802.11ac Wifi
Cooksy size3.94 in x 3.94 in x 1.14 in (100 mm x 100 mm x 39 mm)
Weight11.1 ounces (315 grams)
Mobile appCooksy mobile app is available via Google Play Store and Apple App Store.
App capabilitiesRecipe following with CooksyCues allows step-by-step prompts while detecting ingredients. Record Cooksy recipes with auto temperature and timing, details previously unavailable in a written recipe, share on social via easy share, create recipe books and more.

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