Cooksy brings the world’s first intelligent cooking assistant to your cooktop

Using Cooksy, you’ll cook like a professional chef and transform your kitchen to a culinary haven.  

11 May 2021, Arizona, United States: Today, Cooksy has unveiled its intelligent cooking assistant which is set to revolutionize the kitchen. A master chef might spend years learning to understand when food is too hot or cold based on cooking sounds or visual cues, but Cooksy effortlessly brings this level of knowledge to the everyday chef. Cooksy cleverly blends video, artificial intelligence, thermal imaging technology, and an accompanying app to take the guesswork out of cooking so you can consistently enjoy delicious meals.

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Cooking delicious food is not easily accomplished using a cooktop. Most home cooks do not have the professional kitchen experience to interpret their stove’s heat and the required time it takes to cook dishes properly. This often results in burnt, dry, or undercooked food. Additionally, recipes are vague and difficult to follow. Solving these common problems,  Cooksy has launched a device that changes everything about how you see your cooktop, which makes cooking delicious food easy for everyone.

Cooksy easily mounts above your cooktop and intelligently guides your cooking, allowing both inexperienced cooks to take their first steps in the kitchen, as well as supporting the more experienced foodie to hone their skills and expertise. Cooksy has found a way to affordably bring the invisible world of temperature to your kitchen thanks to thermal imaging, which makes temperature something you can see and act on. Different from a simple probe or meat thermometer, Cooksy measures thousands of temperatures across the entire pan surface many times per second allowing more consistency in cooking.

Jeff Knighton, Founder and President at Cooksy explains, “Cooking is all about applying the right intensity of heat for the right amount of time. Cooksy makes this easy, giving you a ‘sixth sense’, guiding you to make consistently amazing food. Whether you are a home cook or a master chef, Cooksy provides the tools to elevate your cooking.

“We’re excited to offer Cooksy ahead of retail during a time when home cooking is more of a family affair. We believe that everyone should feel comfortable in the kitchen, and are aiming to help everyday cooks on their journey.”

Cooksy also offers a library of recipes which are easy to follow as it guides you with step-by-step video instructions, and analyzes your progress and adjusts cooking times and temperature to suit.

For those of you who prefer to create your own culinary masterpieces, Cooksy documents your cooking journey, allowing you to capture that spark of cooking genius, recreate it on demand, and even share it with the Cooksy community who can try your video recipe for themselves.

The Cooksy device is available for $389 early bird (40% off) while the Cooksy PRO is priced at $479 early bird (40% off) for a limited time.

SpecsCooksy: ·  5 megapixel visual camera ·  Thermal Imaging Sensor – 32 x 24 array·  On device storage – 8 GB (approx 15 hrs of video/thermal storage)·  Choice of color: Midnight Black and Prisma SilverCooksy PRO: Best for Recipe Creators – higher thermal and visual resolution & more storage·  13 megapixel visual camera·  Thermal Imaging Sensor – 80 x 62 array·  On device storage – 32 GB (approx 60 hrs of video/thermal storage)·  Choice of color: Midnight Black and Prisma Silver Cooksy PRO SE Signature: Special Edition Color·  13 megapixel camera·  Thermal Imaging Sensor – 80 x 62 array ·  On device storage – 32 GB (approx 60 hrs of video/thermal storage)·  Choice of color: Signature Copper
Connectivity Bluetooth, 802.11ac Wifi
Cooksy size3.94 in x 3.94 in x 1.14 in (100 mm x 100 mm x 39 mm) 
Weight11.1 ounces (315 grams)
Mobile appCooksy mobile app is available via Google Play Store and Apple App Store.
App capabilities CooksyCues allows step-by-step prompts while detecting ingredients. Record Cooksy recipes with auto temperature and timing, detail previously unavailable in a written recipe, share on social via SimpleShare, create recipe books and more.

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