Chipolo Launches Limited Edition Item Trackers at CES 2024

The 10,000 CARD Spot products released are part of Chipolo’s “Perfectly Imperfect” campaign

2024 January 8, Las Vegas, Nevada: In a bold, unconventional move to encourage self-acceptance and to celebrate authenticity, Chipolo — the award-winning Bluetooth item tracker company — announces at CES 2024 the release of 10,000 limited edition “Perfectly Imperfect” Chipolo CARD Spot wallet finders, working exclusively with the Apple Find My network. 

In a world that frequently underscores the pursuit of perfection, Chipolo’s campaign challenges those conventional societal expectations that demand flawless perfection from individuals. Each of these exclusive Chipolos, though bearing minor cosmetic flaws, functions seamlessly — highlighting the notion that what we perceive as “defects” often go unnoticed by others, yet they can become pronounced in our minds as we focus on them and even magnify them. Chipolo aims to redefine the narrative surrounding imperfections, highlighting the idea that what may seem imperfect on the surface can indeed be just right

“Chipolo is excited to introduce the ‘Perfectly Imperfect’ limited series of CARD Spot trackers, as it’s another testament to our dedication to create products that make our lives easier — both physically, through functionality and mentally, by helping to bring people peace of mind”, said Primož Zelenšek, Co-founder and CEO at Chipolo. “Through this campaign, we want to inspire a shift in perspective, encouraging people to embrace their imperfections and recognize the real beauty in what makes each of us irreplaceable.”

Each Chipolo CARD Spot product that is part of this new series boasts its distinct blemish on one side, and the “Perfectly Imperfect” engraving on the other, written in letters that resemble the type of illustration done with a marker. When developing the font, Chipolo collaborated with an independent, female-owned type design studio based in Slovenia. Chipolo wanted a lettering style that would reflect both some of the core values of the brand, such as friendliness and openness, as well as support the overarching idea of the campaign — we are not here to be perfect and, actually, our perceived imperfections are part of what make us unique. 

Launching this line of products on the market is also a representation of Chipolo’s commitment towards sustainability, as it uses plastic that, due to some imperfections it presents, would otherwise have been discarded, and only afterwards be sent to post-consumer plastic recycling. By keeping the “imperfect” material as it is in the manufacturing process, the team avoided the creation of additional waste, while bringing to life wallet trackers that have full functionality under the slightly imperfect exterior.

To amplify the impact of the campaign even further, Chipolo has partnered with The Global Mental Health Peer Network (an international organisation that builds capacity among people with lived experience of a mental health condition through empowerment, mentorship and support), Hilfsgemeinschaft der Blinden und Sehschwachen Österreichs (the largest self-help and aid community for the blind and visually impaired in Austria) and VDC Zasavje (a local public social welfare institution in Slovenia). For every “Perfectly Imperfect” Chipolo sold, $1 will be donated to support the missions of these three non-profit organisations.

“Perfectly Imperfect” Chipolo CARD Spots will be showcased for the first time at CES 2024 at the Venetian Expo, Level 2, Halls A-D, at booth number 54243, and will be available for purchase starting January 9 on the official Chipolo website, as well as in selected independent and department retail stores. 


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