45mph NIU NQi GTS Sport Electric Scooter Goes On UK Pre-Sale

NIU is taking orders for UK orders for the first NQiGTS Sport electric scooters.

August 3 2020, London: NIU Technologies, the world’s leading electric smart scooter brand, has unveiled a new model. The top-of-the-range yet affordable NQiGTS Sport lands in a couple of weeks and can be pre-ordered today with a £100 online deposit. Customers who pre-order will get £500 off the scooter’s retail price, which means they’ll get their hands on a NIU for just £2,419.*

Often called the “Tesla of electric scooters”, NIU has grown from crowdfunded beginnings back in 2014 to become a NASDAQ-listed company (NIU Technologies). This fresh model for the more value-conscious consumer is another step towards market dominance for a company with its sight set on the future of smart, sustainable, two-wheeled urban travel.

The NQiGTS Sport boasts all the high-tech features of its bigger brother, the NQiGTS Pro, at a lower price-point, with all-new more-durable removable battery packs. The NIU Energy power system comes rated for 1000+ cycles and can be flash charged in around 3.5 hours.

With newly developed 14” wheels and improved dual-shock suspension, the GTS Sport is the perfect vehicle for urbanites who need to get ahead of the traffic. The new battery will take you all around the city, with a single charge distance of 60 miles at speeds of up to 50mph.

As is standard with the NIU range, the NQiGTS Sport is cloud-connected with a built-in anti-theft system. Riders receive live security alerts through the smartphone app along with analytics on battery life, range, route history and mileage. And it even has a built-in USB.

NIU is also releasing the latest in its lighter-weight range, the all-new UQi GT, equipped with fourth-generation NIU Energy™ AI-powered lithium system technology, upgraded ECU controller and state of the art industrial design. The lighter (70kg) big brother to the popular UQi Pro, it offers superior performance and control along with a quirky design.

At CES in Las Vegas this past January, NIU revealed plans to provide even more smart, urban transport solutions. NIU delivered its first electric performance motorcycle, the RQI, and the TQI, a self-balancing three-wheeler, both with 5G technology and cloud connectivity.

With NIU’s already-popular line-up of electric mopeds and scooters currently priced between £1,500 and £3,700, the RQI motorcycle could usher in a new era of affordable electric motorcycles. Though prices for these new models are yet to be revealed, NIU has established a reputation for bringing competitively-priced vehicles to the European market. With a fresh pair of vehicles filling the gaps in its range of eco-friendly transport, NIU positions itself to become a leader in an electric vehicle market with a growth rate near 60% year-on-year.

The RQi-GT takes the definition of “urban” to its limits, with an estimated top speed of 100mph. Built around NIU’s high-performance lithium-ion battery technology, the motor provides a peak output of 30 kW with the two removable batteries able to take riders up to 130km on a single charge. This may be the perfect sustainable but fun transportation solution for riders on England’s busy carriageways, city roads, and country lanes.

The TQi-GT is NIU’s first self-balancing electric three-wheeler, which comes standard with autonomous driving assistance and self-parking. Designed to provide urban commuters with a way to travel light and stay dry, the TQi-GT can reach top speeds of 80km per hour and has a range of up to 200km – that’s more than a week of city commuting.

NIU’s IoT (Internet of Things Technology) uses smart sensors to collect data in real-time, allowing its machines to continually optimise their cloud-connected 5G-ready software.

NIU believes the 5G era will allow for further innovation, enabling its software to recognise people and other vehicles on the road. It imagines a future where you can send a request on your phone and a self-driving TQi-GT will show up at your door with a destination preset.

Mass production of these futuristic additions to the NIU portfolio of vehicles, the RQi-GT and TQi-GT, is expected at the end of 2020 and could be made available to consumers a few months later, in 2021. Sinnis International Ltd is the exclusive distributor of NIU vehicles in the UK and expects to bring the expanded range to its network of dealers midway through 2021.

The current offer on the NQiGTS Sport, valid until the 15th of May, means you can get £500 off a retail price of £3,499 by putting down a £100 deposit. With plug-in grants available, you could end up spending just £2,419 on the latest NIU if you order today. Not bad for a Tesla.

*with government discount applied

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