A handful of the best Apple Vision Pro memes and reactions

After months of rumours, Apple has finally unveiled its foray into the Augmented & Virtual Reality (AR & VR) world, and while companies like Meta and Microsoft might be sitting there like a shocked Pikachu, the Internet has done what the Internet does best and created some of the most unhinged reactions to the announcement.

This week Apple unveiled the Apple Vision Pro, with its eye-watering price tag of $3500 that’s set to land in late 2024 in the United States followed by other countries later. The headset is, according to Apple, the world’s first ‘spatial computer’, which basically means they’ve slapped the innards of a high-end laptop into a headset which allows the user to do a multitude of tasks in a virtual environment while also seeing the world around them thanks to AR.

While it’s worth mentioning that this is only a first-generation headset with the aim firmly targeted at companies and developers, the Internet has still decided to collectively point the finger and laugh, not only because of the usual joke that Apple is two steps behind its competitors (in this case, Google with Google Glass, Microsoft with the Holo Lens, and of course Meta and their Oculus headset), but also because, like most VR headsets, it looks a little silly.

So we’ve trawled the Internet to bring you a collection of some of the best reactions and memes for the Apple Vision Pro.

Attendees’ reactions to the price were less than lukewarm…


The way everyone laughed 💀 Would you pay $3,500 for this? #apple #visionpro #applevr #ciral #wwdc23 #tech #vr #fyp

♬ original sound – TheStreet

The future of HR?

If our future dates don’t come with a side of Subway Surfers, we’re not interested

And they said the Metaverse was dead!

We can’t wait for the optional snorkel add-on!

We can literally BE Tony Stark while we watch Tony Stark.

Now the TV IS our eyes!

With U2’s album pre-loaded.

Apple Care is going to cost a fortune

Might have to delete a few of those videos…

Sorry, Zuck!

Apple’s Vision Pro headset definitely has its work cut out for itself, especially as the AR/VR world is already littered with the bodies of previous attempts at combining both worlds (RIP Google Glass).

We’ll know more when the headset launches at the end of 2024.

Aaron Richardson
Aaron Richardson
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