What we've done

We provide a unique approach to achieve outstanding trackable results
that you can really see.

A Unique Approach

Gallium provides a rare and unique approach to achieving positive PR results.

With roots in Silicon Valley and London, the Gallium team has launched well-known brands into new territories and taken products into successful reviews programs thanks to our PR and marketing experience.


With clients across Asia, Europe and the Americas they ​see Gallium as a valuable internal member of their team and not just a consultancy.

Our eclectic cultural backgrounds bring creative campaigns to light with sales as the end goal, and winning awards over the years is simply the icing on the cake.

B2B & B2C

Creating engaging stories that resonate both with consumers and decision-makers, driving true interaction.

We believe creative campaigns should drive consumer engagement or partner interest, not just shares. This is done by crafting truly engaging activities that have a call to action and loops the consumer into the process.

Award-winning international campaigns

Our job is to make sure your product fits in the territory you want to sell, along with making sure influencers and press have access to it.

Over the years our people have worked with some of the world’s leading brands, and even small startups looking to make it big in consumer tech and B2B. We have run numerous international campaigns with our clients winning awards.

It’s our impressive reputation and quality of service that we have to thank for many founders approaching us to help.

At Gallium we are always on the lookout for cool, innovative and exciting projects to partner on. If that sounds like you or your organisation get in touch.

Let’s talk.

Whether you are a thriving consumer tech company or a startup looking for help on Kickstarter, our specialist and diverse team are here for you.